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Dynamic exercise
for everyone.

We all know that being physically active is good for us, but not everyone can take part in activities like walking, cycling or aerobic classes. Care2Move want to keep everyone active in the best way possible, so chair based exercise could be just what you’re looking for. Compliance to chair based programmes is generally better than that of standing or dynamic exercise, especially amongst older people or those with low baseline levels of fitness and function. Chair based exercises have specific benefits as a training method:

  • It stabilises the lower spine by providing a fixed base, it facilitates greater range of movement by providing points of leverage and support.
  • It minimises load-bearing and reduces balance problems in those with particularly poor mobility and arthritic pain.
  • It increases confidence in those unable to perform free-standing exercise.
  • Even one session of chair based exercises can improve memory recall during the session and for up to half an hour after, in nursing home residents.
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